3 Beneficial Exercises Senior Citizens Can Do From The Comfort Of Their Chair

If you are suffering from limited mobility, you may not think there is any way to overcome this or to be a part of any type of physical activity. However, this is not true. Partaking in physical activity as a senior citizen can help maintain independence; reduce the risk of developing certain diseases; prevent depression and anxiety; control joint pain and swelling; and maintain healthy muscles, bones and joints. Here are some beneficial exercises you can try:

1. Bicep Curls

Your biceps, the front of your upper arms, are important for doing laundry, carrying groceries and other daily activities. To perform bicep curls, you will want to start with a light weight in each of your hands. If you don’t have any weights, consider using a couple of soup cans from your pantry. They’ll work just as well, especially as you’re starting out. Place your palms up and lift the weight toward you. Do this as many times as you can until your arms become tired.

2. Toe Taps

Your legs hold you up, so it is crucial that you strengthen all of your leg muscles. This will help ensure you are able to walk further and stay active, while also improving certain activities like stairclimbing. To perform toe taps, sit normally toward the front of your chair and make sure your heels are on the ground. Begin the toe taps by pointing your toes toward the ground and then point them up toward the ceiling. Continue this a dozen times, or until you grow tired.

3. Lateral Raises

If you’ve been suffering from poor posture or back pain, you can improve your posture by doing some lateral raises. This will help to focus and tone your shoulders. Start with a weight (or soup can) in each hand. Make sure your back is straight. Place your arms by your sides with the palms of your hands pointed toward the body. Relax your shoulders and start lifting the weight and your arm out to your side. Do this until your arms are parallel to the ground. Do this as many times as you can until your arms fatigue.

These exercises can help you overcome any physical mobility issues that you may be facing. For those who don’t want to do this on their own or maybe aren’t able to, a home health nurse may be able to come to the home and help with the aforementioned exercises. They may even be able to provide assistance with other daily activities as well, if necessary. For more information, contact First In Care Home Health Agency Inc or a similar organization.